Green Jobs and Sustainability

The ‘Alternative Organisations and Transformative Practices’ and ‘Sustainable Development’ research clusters ran a joint event on 22nd March 2018, on the very timely topic: ‘Green Jobs and Sustainability’.

Lisa Schulte (Middlesex University) discussed the ‘Social Sustainability of Jobs in the European Offshore Wind Tur-bine Manufacturing Industry’. Prof. Linda Clarke and Dr. Melahat Sahin Dikmen (ProBE, Westminster University) compared the ‘Challenges of Differing Vocational Education and Training standards across Europe,’ focussing on the Home Insulation Industry, and Dr. Robert Gross(Imperial College) presented ‘ICEPT’s Systematic Literature Review on Net Job Gains and Losses Resulting from Industrial Policies that Support Green Jobs’.

The seminar Chair, Anne Daguerre and the audience raised important questions including: “How far can green sectors be held accountable to the same standards in terms of job quality and quality of vocational education and training as traditional industries?” “Should social sustainability be compromised in favour of economic and environmental sustainability?” “Should job gains or losses be the key rational for or against supporting green industries through subsidies?”

The event was fully booked and attended by 26 academics and non-academics, PhD, MA and BA students from Middlesex University and other institutions including the University of Surrey

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