BUIRA 2018 special session

The Cluster organised two special sessions at the 2018 BUIRA (British Universities Industrial Relations Association)  conference on Friday 29th June 2018 which examined alternative models of workplace organisation. These included

The history of co-operatives and workers’ control, as well as contemporary debates on public ownership in the context of the Labour Party recent report on ‘Alternative Models of Ownership’. Speakers included Cat Hobbs (Director, We Own It), on “Public versus Private Ownership”, Alan Tuckman on “The Institute of Workers Control”, Stephen Mustchin (Work and Equalities Institute, University of Manchester) on “Workplace Occupations in 1980s Britain,” David Stewart (University of Central Lancashire) on “The Politics of Co-operation”, Richard Croucher (Middlesex University) on “The Mauritian Baitkas: ethnic social tool or driver of the cooperative movement?” and Martin Upchurch on “The Experience of Yugoslav Self-Management”. The two panels were attended by 30 people and generated interesting debate.

A more detailed report, with copies of presentations, can be found here.

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