From Economic Science Fictions to Labour as Commons

On Friday 21st June 2019 the Alternative Organisations and Transformative Practices cluster held a 1-day conference entitled “From Economic Science Fictions to Labour as Commons” in the Town Hall. Attended by 40 academics from around the UK, Europe and beyond, the symposium was co-convened by cluster coordinators, Nico Pizzolato and Daniel Ozarow.

It featured panels that discussed workplace democracy, post-capitalism and a “world café” during which all attendees participated in smaller breakout sessions to debate solutions to contemporary issues and the practicalities of worker-run companies without bosses. Other members of the School who took part included Martin Upchurch who critiqued The Labour Party’s Alternative Models of Ownership document in his paper “The Social and Economic Origins of Utopianism and Workers Control within the British Labour Movement” and Anne Daguerre and Leandro Sepulveda who chaired panels. The Keynote Speaker was Dr Dario Azzellini from Cornell University in the USA.

The conference was widely praised by participants (the majority of whom were from outside Middlesex) for being well organised, enjoyable and for the high standard of the papers.

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